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CE on the Sea 2018 FAQs
Cozumel Beach

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When is CE on the Sea 2018?
February 25 to March 2, 2018

What is the Itinerary?
Sunday, February 25 Leave for Costa Maya & Cozumel 5 PM
Monday, February 26 CE on the Sea 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  CE on the Sea Meet & Greet Mixer
 5 PM - 6 PM
Tuesday, February 27 Costa Maya
8 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday, February 28 Cozumel 7 AM – 5 PM
Thursday, March 1 CE on the Sea 8:30 AM – 5 PM
Friday, March 2 Arrive in Miami 7 AM

How do I sign up for CE on the Sea?

There are two steps. You can do either one first.

  1. Register for the CE program at the CE on the Sea event page.
  2. Contact our Cruise Team at GC Travel,, to reserve your stateroom.

The CE Program

How many presentations / units of CE are available?
There are 2 tracks of presentations on each CE day, with 6 presentations per track each day, for a total of 24 presentations.  Because the tracks are running simultaneously, each attendee can only attend 12 presentations.  All of the presentations are RACE approved for Veterinary Technicians and 12 hours are RACE approved for Veterinarians.  Veterinary Technicians can earn a maximum of 12 hours of RACE approved CE.  Veterinarians can earn a maximum of 9 hours of RACE approved CE.

What topics will be in the CE program?
The program will cover a wide variety of topics. Technicians & Veterinarians who are experts in Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Nursing, Pharmacology, Pain Management, Anesthesia, Neurology, Oncology, Behavior and Professional Growth will be giving presentations.
For more information about our speakers visit our CE on the Sea 2018 Speakers page.

When are the CE Sessions?
CE sessions will be during the day on Monday, February 26 and Thursday, March 1 when we are cruising between Florida and Mexico. This will leave your evenings free for fun with your family and friends.

You will also have two entire days free while we are in port - Tuesday in Costa Maya and Wednesday in Cozumel !

Who may attend CE on the Sea?
CE on the Sea is open to registered & non-registered veterinary technicians, veterinary technician students, veterinary assistants, all veterinary support staff, and even veterinarians!

How many people will be attending CE on the Sea?
We have space for a maximum of 300 participants in the CE program. This does not include friends or family members who will not be attending the CE sessions.

When should I register for the CE program?
Register as soon as you can, since there are only 300 spaces available.  Registration closes December 31, 2017.

The CE program fee is $250 for early registration between September 2, 2016 - February 1, 2017. The program fee will increase to $320 on February 2, 2017.  

Can I make payments for the CE fee?
No, full payment is required at the time of registration.

What does the CE fee cover?
The CE fee covers only the CE sessions on Monday, February 26 and Thursday, March 1.  Cruise fees & other travel expenses are separate and should be arranged through our Cruise Team at GC Travel.

How can I earn a rebate for referring friends / co-workers?
You can earn a $50 rebate for referring three (3) friends / co-workers who register and pay for this CE event.

  • The referring member must be registered for this CE event before March 30, 2015.  Members being referred can register at any time.
  • You may not by referred by someone that you have referred for this event.
  • Speakers are eligible for rebate payment(s) when they refer three (3) friends / co-workers.  However, you may not refer a speaker as one of your friends / co-workers.
  • Maximum rebate $100 per member.
  • Members receiving a rebate through another program, please refer to program details for referral eligibility.
  • Rebate payments will be made within 30 days of the end of the cruise.

I have a hospital / school / affiliate membership. Can I attend this event?
Yes, you can. However, registration is available only for individual & student members of If you only have a hospital, school or affiliate membership, please create an individual membership for yourself as well, then register for this event.

If I have to cancel my trip, are the fees refundable?
The CE fee is non-refundable unless the program is cancelled by VetTechLife, but you can transfer it to another person by contacting us at If the program is canceled by VetTechLife your CE fee will be refunded (less a $20 non-refundable processing fee).


The Cruise

Can I book the cruise with any travel agent?
VetTechLife has a contract with Royal Caribbean for the cruise and conference.  The awesome team at GC Travel is our representative for this contract.  For VetTechLife to meet its contractual agreement with Royal Caribbean, all attendees need to book their cruise staterooms through GC Travel.

GC Travel has arranged special discounted prices with Royal Caribbean specifically for VetTechLife CE on the Sea 2018. These are 2014 cruise prices with a special package deal including room gratuities, travel insurance and processing fees.

Attendees may book their flights and hotel rooms on their own or through any travel agent they wish.

To honor our agreement with Royal Caribbean, CE attendees must book their cruise with GC Travel agents at Thank you for your cooperation.

If I book the cruise, am I guaranteed a spot in the CE program?
No, you must register for the CE program separately. We have space for a maximum of 300 participants.

I want to attend, but I don't have a roommate - do I have to pay for a private room?
No, if you book your cruise, but have not selected a roommate, and don't want to pay for a private room, you have two options.

  1. Our Cruise Team will select another attendee to be your roommate.
  2. You can contact other attendees through our CE on the Sea 2018 Roommate Finder discussion board and select your own roommate. When you have agreed to room with another attendee, contact the Cruise Team with this information.

What ship / cruise line will we be on?
We will be cruising with Royal Caribbean on Navigator of the Seas. Click on the ship name for more information on this incredible ship.

How much are the staterooms on Navigator of the Seas?
Our wonderful Cruise Team at GC Travel has negotiated fabulous prices specifically for our attendees!  We are getting 2014 prices for the 2018 cruise and the 5th night is essentially free - room prices average only $22 more than our 4 night cruise in 2016!  These prices are only available by booking with our Cruise Team.

Category Cost
Superior Ocean View Balcony
Deluxe Ocean View Balcony
Ocean View
Virtual Balcony Interior
These rates are per person, based on double occupancy.
Single accommodations are 200% of the cost listed.

*These special discounted prices were arranged with Royal Caribbean by our wonderful GC Travel Cruise Team for CE attendees who booked before June 18, 2017.

For updated pricing,
Schedule a Travel Appointment with GC Travel

using their online calendar.

Reservations will be granted on first-come, first-served basis.
Get your deposit in ASAP to reserve the stateroom of your choice.

What does the Stateroom fee cover?
For your convenience, room gratuities, travel insurance and processing fees are included in these fees. This covers $270 of additional fees that will be added to the posted cruise prices on Royal Caribbean's website.

Air travel, hotel, and travel to and from the ship are additional, but our Cruise Team at GC Travel can help you find best prices available.

Contact the Cruise Team at  for more information about the cruise and other travel questions.

Can I bring children / other family members / friends on the cruise?
YES! Our wonderful Cruise Team will help arrange all of your needs, whether it is bringing children, selecting a room, or just asking what you can expect on board.

Will Internet service be available on board?
Yes, for an additional charge.

Contact our Cruise Team at GC Travel, for more information.

If I have to cancel my trip, are the fees refundable?
Your payments for the cruise are refundable (except for a $60 non-refundable processing fee) if you cancel before December 2017.

Do I need a passport?
United States citizens on closed-loop cruises (cruises that begin and end at the same port in the U.S.) will be able to enter or depart the country with proof of citizenship (such as a government-issued birth certificate) and a laminated government issued picture ID (such as a driver's license) that shows their name and date of birth. Children are also required to bring proof of citizenship, and if 16 and over, a photo ID is also required.

Although a passport is not required, we strongly recommend all guests travel with a passport (valid for at least six months beyond completion of travel). Having a passport will enable you to fly from the U.S. to a foreign port in the event you miss the scheduled embarkation or to fly back to the U.S. if you need to disembark the ship mid-cruise due to an emergency.

Citizens of countries other than the United States will need a passport.

For more information, go to Royal Caribbean's Passport Requirement page.


Contact us:
If you were unable to find an answer to your question(s), please contact us at

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when you contact them at GC Travel.

When do I pay for my cruise?
Payment Amount Due Date
1st deposit $100 at the time of booking
2nd deposit $100 June 30, 2015
3rd deposit $190 November 9, 2015
Final payment balance due January 20, 2018
If you prefer, our Cruise Team is also offering a no-interest monthly payment plan.

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