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Writing an Article for VetTechLife

Our editorial staff reserves the right to approve all topics. Articles submitted without prior approval may not be considered for publication. You can contact us at for topic approval before submission.

Article Submission Guidelines


Files must be either Microsoft Word 6.0 or better (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text File (.rtf). Text should be in a standard font, such as Arial or Times New Roman with font size of 10-12 pt.

Article length should be 300 - 1500 words. Headings should be included where appropriate.

Please use spell check and grammar check before submission. If your word processor does not have these features, there are several free online spelling and grammar check programs available.

Documents must be submitted via email as an attachment.


Photographs, drawings, tables and diagrams related to the subject matter should be submitted at the same time as the article. Images should be jpg/jpeg or png format. Images should be a minimum size of 3x3 inches and minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

If you did not create the images, you must obtain written permission from the owner & include a copy with your submission, including contact information for the owner.

Article Details

Brand names should only be used when necessary and equal consideration should be given to all similar products. For example, if you were writing about having a cold, you would use “tissue” instead of “Kleenex”.

A glossary of all medical terms and any uncommon words must be included.

CE Articles

All CE articles must be accompanied by a 10-question, multiple-choice (not true/false) quiz that tests the reader’s comprehension of the main points of the article.


Use endnotes to cite your references. References should be listed in order found in the text – not alphabetically. Use MLA Citation. You can use one of these services to create reference citations:
Free Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker
Citation Machine MLA Citation Generator

References can include journal articles, clinical textbooks, and conference proceedings are suitable. Web sites references are acceptable; but only sites associated with legitimate, unbiased organizations (e.g., universities, government, reputable national associations) should be used.

Explanatory notes and personal communications should also be footnoted.


Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable. You wouldn’t want anyone stealing your work, would you? For a discussion of plagiarism and how to avoid it, see “What is plagiarism?” 

There are several free online plagarism checkers, such as Plagiarisma.

Author Bio

Please tell us about yourself, including your degrees, your affiliations and your location (city, state, country). If you do not want your location published, please let us know.

We would also like to have a picture of you. The picture can be with one or more of your animals if you like. To see what the bios usually look like, please see the bio of one of our associates..

We may request further information.

Review and Approval

The VetTechLife editorial staff reserves the right to edit submissions for publication. All manuscripts are edited for content, clarity, and style. Authors will be given an opportunity to review edited manuscripts prior to publication.

We will try to respond to submissions within 2 business days.

Clinical articles will be reviewed by at least two experts in the appropriate field. Controversial subjects will be clarified by editorial commentary.

Submissions become the sole property of VetTechLife upon acceptance. Your submission to VetTechLife  gives unconditional permission for us to publish your article on the website and it may be distributed through our RSS feed.


Bundle all files and images in a ZIP file and email to:

If you have any questions, please contact us:


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